My new laptop does not want to wake up from sleep when using Linux so I am migrating to Windows temporarily (as I am planning to travel quite a bit soon and I want to have sleep functionality working on the laptop)

As such I had to move my music collection from Banshee to MediaMonkey. Moving a collection is not such a big deal except for ratings.

Luckily over the last few years quite a lot of software (including Banshee and MediaMonkey) “settled” on SQLite as their storage engine.

It took me a couple of hours of hacking in Scala to write a program that:
1. reads all the tracks from MediaMonkey DB
2. matches each track against the Banshee DB (matching is not straightforward as Banshee uses URL encoding method that is slightly different from the one supported by Java by default).
3. converts and compares the ratings and updates MediaMonkey DB as required