My Linux PC has crashed. Badly!
No matter what – the XOrg just would not start in full.
Sometimes XOrg would start with just a black screen, sometimes with a black screen and a mouse cursor.
Took me 2 nights to find out what’s wrong with it.

1. I tried deleting all startup programs – no luck
2. I tried disconnecting all usb gadgets – no luck
3. I tried using different XOrg drivers
4. I tried different Linux kernel version
5. I tried different desktop manager (gdm instead of mdm)
6. I tried generating a new xorg config file
7. I tried rebooting (countless number of times)
8. I tried reading logs for mdm, gdm, xorg

The final thing that worked:
1. boot up into text mode
2. launch xinit
3. launch cinnamon-session (it crashed with indication that cinnamon-settings-daemon crashed with segfault)
4. launch strace cinnamon-settings-daemon
5. this reported that the last accessed file in the file system was one of the font cache directories
6. I deleted that directory and it started working again