Dedicated hardware for music rating

IMG_20160122_113241-01 Some hardware projects can be very simple.

I have a large music collection (tens of thousands of songs). Some time ago I realised that I do not like quite a few songs from that collection.

My solution to this is fairly simple:

  • Set up music player foobar2000 on my laptop with a couple of global shortcuts:
    • One – to rate a song as 2 starts
    • Another -to rate a song as 3 starts
    • Yet another to skip to the next song.
  • Set autohotkey mapping to invoke the 2 star rating and skip to the next song, when the right mouse button is clicked
  • Set the autohotkey mapping to rate the song as 3 stars

This music rating gadget just sits in front of me at work and helps me rate the songs.

The mouse mapping does not interfere with my work, because the laptop running the music player is not my main work computer.